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Dr. Jeff Wood enjoys speaking to groups

Dr. Wood has a passion for speaking to groups

Do you have a club, organization, business or church group that needs a speaker and would benefit hearing one of Dr. Wood’s informative (and humorous) talks?

In today’s ever-changing, global environment we are bombarded with information from a variety of sources—some are reputable; others are not. When it comes to the health and safety are you willing to risk acting on misinformation?

Dr. Wood has gathered the facts from reliable sources, put them together in interactive and easily understandable presentations, and delivers them with the right amount of humor! And business owners, in addition to personal health solutions Dr. Wood can provide seminars, workshops, & consultations in your workplace, to positively affect your bottom line.

Following are some sessions Dr. Wood is currently presenting. If you don’t see a current program that fits your needs and interest, just ask! Dr. Wood is always searching for new topics, so he invites you to ask about other issues of interest to you!

To schedule a lecture or speaking engagement just use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of this page.

How to Grow Young Your First 100 Years

In this overview of preventative health care and wellness learning to live well for life is key. Additional key points include…how to get well faster, grow younger today, practical money saving ideas regarding health care choices, and how to avoid needless relapses and the most common patient mistakes.


Who doesn’t have stress in their life? Physical, emotional and chemical stress will cause your body to become unhealthy. Learn what to do!

Your Foot Bones Connected to Your Spine Bone

Movement at one joint affects movement at other joints, and every time your foots hits the ground to take a step, you’re passing that imbalance all the way up your skeletal structure. Chiropractic can help. 65% of people that utilize Chiropractic Care as a lifetime choice NEVER go to a nursing home.


All foods (and vitamins) are not created equal. You are either contributing to the problem or to the solution. A fresh, realistic approach to healthy living and weight management through proper diet, exercise, stress reduction and nutritional supplementation.

Health, Wellness, and Preventing Disease

The brain acts as the central communication base, processing millions of messages a second. See what your body can do to keep you healthy when given a chance (and a little help).

BackPack Safety and Chiropractic Kids…Unfair Advantage

It’s better to grow healthy kids than to repair damaged adults. Today’s heavy loads and competitive training are causing back injuries. Up to 60% of kids will experience back pain by the time they are 18 years of age. This can lead to postural distortions, fatigue, lowered immune resistance and ultimately, pain.

Please give us a call today to schedule your appointment to set up a time for us to come and speak with your group.

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