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Orthotics and Insoles…

The foot bone’s connected to the knee bone, the knee bone’s connected to the hip bone…

At Wood Chiropractic Clinic, we offer two of the leading orthotics in the world:  Superfeet Premium Insoles and Footlevelers Custom Fitted Performance orthotics. Why do we offer insoles and orthotics?

The feet are the foundation of the body.  Just like in your home, if you have a faulty foundation you can patch the ceiling cracks, but soon they will re appear.  After years of cracks, the house soon becomes a real disaster. When your body’s foundation becomes faulty you, too, start to fall apart.

Your feet are your foundation

Your feet are your foundation

As an Arkansas City Chiropractor, my duty and passion are to keep your spine in alignment. With the daily stresses and lifestyles of so many of us, this is often very difficult to do!  I can not follow you around 24/7 to keep the stresses from attacking your body.  Therefore, we recommend orthotics to aid in keeping your foundation strong and we offer them for various lifestyles.

Superfeet Premium Insoles are designed for the many varied activities that an active person encounters on a daily basis.  These are very affordable and extremely practical for most situations.

Footlevelers Custom-Made Insoles are custom fit using digital technology.  Whether you choose the custom made or the cut-to-fit insoles they are available in most sizes.  Additionally Footlevelers Custom-Made Insoles are available in two different lengths; either full length or 3/4 length for use in those hard to fit dress shoes and heels.

Footlevelers even has “Sandalthotics” so your summer days can still be supported!

Remember, your feet are your foundation! A faulty foundation leads to a faulty spinal system which leads to a faulty nervous system – it is a chain reaction.

If you, or someone you care about, is feeling foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, even experiencing headaches, or maybe just feeling drained by the end of the day, you may be standing on the problem!  Get your feet checked with a quick call to us.

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